Saturday, February 27, 2010

erwm?? al0ne?? maybe?

hype?? act,, i want t0 tell y0u ab0ut myself.. me?? erwm,, i'm juz a l0nely girl.. all my friends n0t underst0od me.. why?? maybe because i'm n0t a perfect pers0n f0r them,..??

yah.. i think s0.. erwm, if y0u think i'm just waste y0ur time....

i h0pe y0u will advise me t0 be better than wh0 i am right n0w.. i really2 h0pe that y0u will change me t0 be m0re success in my life..h0h??

my grammar is very2 tr0uble.. s0rry k..!!!

0 orang nak tahu pasal chumell ^^.:

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